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Friday, 6 January 2017

1&1 Review

Company Introduction

1&1 is popular web hosting provider in Europe by offering wide range of Web hosting products such as high-end servers and email solutions in ten different countries including Great Britain, Germany and The United States.
Company has introduced 1&1 cloud server with four new per-configured packages so users can select lower entry price for expeditious use. Through new cloud server packages available in four different sizes so customer has choice between sized M to XXL, ranging in terms of RAM, storage space, cores. 1&1 makes products more efficient, affordable and low entry price, package starts at £9.99/month +VAT. 1&1 cloud server offers enterprise functionalities such as SSD storage-arrays and storage area networks(SAN) by default for higher performance and reliability, KVM access via desktop , easy user administration with 1&1 cloud panel and API interface.

1&1 Cloud Server Advantage :

This new service has number of advantages like Flexible Firewall Rules, Unlimited Traffic, External Firewall for Security Settings, Load Balancer, Private Networks and Ips, 24*7 Technical Support at Zero Cost, User get profit from various back-up options, Interactive Invoicing, Monitoring Tool, Modifying package with More Storage Space, vCPU and RAM

Virtual Private Server :

1&1 Virtual servers provide Maximum performance including more resources, Optional SSD, Guaranteed vCores. This is a Simple System Administration and Feature-Rich server which helps in generates unlimited traffic with Automatic backups. User can enjoy benefit of Simple App Installation and Parallel Plesk 12 Application pool at low and affordable cost.

VPS has other Additional features such as:-

  • Security- Monitor Server via Web Browser or Mobile App
  • Customer Service- 24/7 Technical and Free Email Support
  • Configuration- Full Root Access and feature of Reset and Re installation

Dynamic Cloud Server :

1&1 cloud server offers secure and hosting services to wide range of business applications. It provides maximum flexibility and full cost control for users. Through cloud server user get Full Root Access with security and redundant storage and processing units which safeguards user's cloud server automatically against failure.
Additionally Cloud Server come with Backup solutions to secure data, FTP storage, Additional IP addresses, Configurable External Firewall and Latest Version of Parallels Plesk.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server from 1&1 offers speed and security to websites demand and support most complex applications with reliability. Get Unlimited Traffic with No Extra Cost, user has Choice of Operating Systems and Mobile Monitoring and High Performance. Making it good for those who have resources-intensive websites and gives Superior Level of performance.
1&1 On-line Store- Nowadays more and more businesses are integrating with e-commerce platforms as segment of business systems. With origin of Smart-phone and Internet, it is now painless than ever to consolidate workable solution that will work for many users. It includes benefit of On-line Marketplaces and Sites, helps in Making Products Visible on Price Comparison, user can get Easy Facebook Integration and News Letter Distribution and creates of New On-line Store.

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