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Friday, 6 January 2017

SharePoint Hosting

SharePoint Hosting Features

SharePoint , a platform developed by Microsoft can easily be said to be the most popular web based collaborative program in the world. The popularity of SharePoint Hosting can easily be seen from the fact that 78% of the total Fortune 500 companies are using it. SharePoint owes its success to its brilliant features which can be a boon for any company. One can be useful in synchronizing your projects and makes working with everybody at one time, easier. It works wonders in streamlining complex things and sharing important content with whom so ever you wish.

Various SharePoint Foundations

When a business house picks up SharePoint Hosting it is looking for some specific features and some specific technology. SharePoint Foundations are the underlying technology for SharePoint Hosting. These foundations are SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2013, SharePoint server 2010.

How SharePoint Hosting helps?

SharePoint Hosting has a number of advantages to offer to any business. Some of them are as follows:
  • Permission and security level can be as deep as document level
  • Microsoft Integration
  • Easy and quick collaborative environment building
  • Less complex management
  • Collaboration increases the productivity of people involved
  • Management and tracking the documents becomes easy
  • SharePoint solutions that are specific to your needs can be easily deployed
  • Information management becomes cost effective
  • Scalability becomes easy and can be maximized
  • Mobile device optimization can be achieved SharePoint is an easy and effective way to collaborate, organize and share in a cost effective manner. It gives a boost to the productivity of the employees. The integrity and the security of the information system can be stepped up. Navigation becomes beautiful and easy for the user. If you have specific niche business needs, they can be catered to. The most effective improvement is seen in the use of information and its synchronization. SharePoint Hosting does have a lot to offer to businesses.

Better Document Organization

Every company has its own way of organizing its document. And the better it is the less time it takes in information retrieval, updating, circulation, review or disposal. A document has a life cycle that it follows which starts at its creation and ends at its disposal or retention. SharePoint makes the management of this document easy and flexible. Also tools like calendars can be managed through it. You can also get awesome server management too. It will help any business to grow and extend. Content management and Information sharing becomes easy on the server.

Managed Team Collaboration Utilities

Another add on benefit that you get with SharePoint hosting is Team collaboration. We all know that at times there is a need for more than one brain to work on a single document. This is possible with SharePoint. More than one person can work on a doc without disturbing its original structure. Document syncing and collaboration becomes smooth and hassle free. It can be easily seen that SharePoint hosting and its team collaboration features bring along a lot of benefits like
  • Improved productivity
  • Very effective and secure documentation
  • Information sharing becomes easy as SharePoint provides tools to publish information on websites that can be managed and modified as required. These business websites can be customized too.
  • Specific needs of a certain target audience can be met by customization
  • People in a business have ideas that need to be shared and worked upon in a secure environment. SharePoint facilitates that.

Choose a perfect SharePoint Hosting Plan

SharePoint hosting solutions are provided by a number of webhosting service providers. While picking up one, you must bear a few points in your mind. The service provider should provide you with no cap on disk space, WAP Browser compatibility, SSL encryption , Document level security, Mobile access, application Templates, document collaboration check in and check out, and all.

Why SharePoint Hosting?

SharePoint Hosting is a very versatile application or platform for any kind of business. It makes a lot of things a lot more easier in a cost effective way.

Unique Reseller Control Panel Schemes Available

There are various web hosting companies available which have switched to reseller hosting recently. Reseller web hosting has become very popular with the customers now a day as it is much cheaper than other kinds of hosting. Some of the best web hosting companies is present in the market which is experienced in the business for a long time. These companies can be trusted as they have been providing excellent services to all their customers. 

Some of the best reseller web hosting service providers has unique schemes for customers that are really beneficial. Earlier, there used to be cheap web hosting companies that used to assign customers with a specific space in the hard disk and a particular bandwidth. But now with the help of reseller hosting, there are various offers available which the customers can access. The amount that you have to pay is also lesser than the price that you had to pay while buying disk space directly.  

Control panel web hosting is an option with the help of which you can access a private space in the server without sharing that space with anyone. Though it will cost you a bit more than shared hosting, you can maintain privacy with the data and other related information. In shared hosting, in a single disk space, there is a lot of data belonging to many companies that will be stored. There is an advantage with the control panel web hosting. You can access all the data and information from a single point. 

It becomes very easy for the users to use control panel web hosting as the data and information is accessible from one single host. The sharing of confidential data and information also becomes very easy. Email hosting is done very cautiously by all the web hosting companies. Hosting reseller based sites has also become very easy for many companies as the schemes that are provided to the customers are profitable as well as the customers are able to utilize the packages very well. 

Various packages are available with the web hosting companies when it comes to reseller web hosting. Dedicated hosting as well as VPS hosting are also done at a low price. There are various platforms available for web hosting such as windows, Linux Ubuntu etc. Before hosting a website, you can compare the services of all these platforms and choose the best that suits your needs. Domain naming is also very important as it needs to be unique. It should not match with any other domain name. 

For the hosting of your website, there are various templates available as well. Best Cheap Web Hosting Provider give you many choices regarding templates which will suit your business needs. Some of the web hosting companies also provides you with additional software and other applications to make your platform better and more attractive to others. The best part of hosting reseller based websites is that the users get many benefits which are not present in the direct web hosting sites. Thus, the users are benefited and reseller hosting service providers are benefited as well.

Five Easy Steps Resell Web Hosting

Resell Web Hosting in Five Easy Steps

1) Insight into reseller web hosting

You purchased the web hosting and now you are planning to resell it but don’t know the answer is here, just follow the simple 5 steps given below to perform this task and you will find that you may have a good venture of web hosting.

2) Reselling Web Hosting

a. Get an Exceptional Domain Name - First of all, get an exceptional, a very unique and impressive domain name for your web hosting business as in reselling hosting, it plays an important role. Behind this, there are two reasons, first is search engine optimization (SEO) and second is branding. The concept is that people first of all should be able to search you on web to know that you are selling web hosting account and then they contact you.Next, your domain name must contain some keywords related to web hosting as everyone will search you via these keywords. You may check yourself by typing word host or hosting in any search engine and you will see top results containing this word. Now to get the name, try for the good search sites meant for domain like and check whether the name has already registered or not. If not, you may register for the same or on the other hand, purchased a domain name from the present owner. Now here you have a good domain name so let’s move to the next step.

b. Finding and Setting up a Great Web Hosting Reseller Account - Here you need to search and then set up a good web hosting reseller account. You may search for the various reseller hosting accounts providers at the link Now to select the best provider, you are required to check the great uptime offered by which companies as companies which offer frequent downtime are fail before they started. Brent Oxley, founder of Web hosting reseller, mentioned that there are some relevant add-ons which are offered by many reseller providers at free of cost.
    • Domain Reseller Account
    • Billing Manager
    • Fantastico
    • Support of multi language control panel
Now your reseller account has been set up, so let’s move to the next step.

c. Set up a Great Website and Order Form - Now as to build good customer database, have a great website which looks professional and for this it is essential that they should be developed by a professional. Professionals designed your site as you want, may be a little bit costly but offer great satisfactory work.Whatever way you chosen, it is necessary that close attention must be paid by you to the process of log in or sign up. Order Form must be prepared in a user friendly manner, easy and simple to fill. A summary page must be there which helps your customers to review the order they make before buying anything.

d. Driving Qualified Traffic to Your Website - Now there must be some traffic so as to attract the customers to our new site. There are various solutions but one solution which works a lot and get successful, especially for online businesses working on a small scale is Google’s AdWords advertising. To use this, first set up a Google AdWords account by following several steps. The process takes less than 2 hours to complete. And you may see that qualified traffic is reaching to your site in less than 24 hrs. So, traffic generates for your site, now move to the last and final step.

e. Reselling Web Hosting -Differentiate Your Offering- Now to resell your hosting, you must offer something different and unique to your customers so that they will attract towards you. You may do this by offering a special offer, discount or promotion or by offering those services together which other companies may not offer; it hardly matters what is unique in your offer, be sure that it’s different.At the end, I just want to say that if anyone follows these five steps, then they can have a great new business venture.

Web Hosting Business Increase Your Profit

Increasing Profit Graph in the Web Hosting Business

If you belong to the Web Hosting Business world must are sure to be well aware of the level of competition that exists here at all stages and in every possible hosting option. There are people who would be doing everything possible, ethical or not, to increase their customer base and profits. When a customer steps in to narrow down to a single choice he is flooded with options, each one equally promising and welcoming. It is necessary to stand out in that crowd if you want to maximize your profits. Today every customer is capable to compare all the options that he has using the services of various on-line directories of web hosting business. If you falter you might just vanish from the map. But getting there and staying there with an ever soaring graph of success in not impossible. Difficult but possible. Let us consider a few steps that one should follow to make his Web Hosting Business a success:

Step 1: Get the customer to buy from you

You must have a strategy in place which ensures that if a customer comes looking on the web for a web hosting services he notices you and picks you up from the crowd. And once he comes to your website, he does not leave without making a purchase. This sounds like a humongous task but is necessary. Each customer that you make, grows your business by a bit.
To do this you must have a good sales document in place that tells the potential customers all about your services. Do not leave anything to his imagination. Put down everything that is good about you on the website. Show that you are competent and promising and offer a plan that is difficult to resist. Extend guarantees and offer freebies or incentives for picking you up. Also see to it that you satisfy your potential customer regarding credibility and reliability by providing testimonials. All this will surely convert the visitor into a customer!

Step 2: Keep the customer

Now once the customer picks you up, see to it that he feels that he has done the right thing. Make the experience a happy one. In web hosting business this can be done by ensuring that all that was promised to the customer is delivered and is delivered in time. Also a very important aspect is technical support. You or your team must always be there to help out your customers each time they need help. Having a brilliant and unfaltering customer care can be the back bone of a thriving web hosting business. Train your staff for responding promptly, accurately and politely, and keep updating them. Doing this will ensure that the customer stays with you for a long time. Help the customer to build trust in your brand. This will help you in getting word of mouth publicity and increased customer base.
It is essential that a customer who has picked you once does not leave. Once a customer leaves, he is gone for good. do not let that happen. Get in touch with your customers, find out about their experience and try to improve it.

Step 3: Sell more to the customer

Now that you have extended everything that you promised to your customer, it is time to give him some happy surprises. This can work wonders for any kind of relationship. Anybody who is having a website for any reason will surely need some tools from time to time. You can offer such specific tool or may be helpful e books. These kinds of additional services will make your customer delighted. This will show that every body who is there on your current customer list is important for you. When this word spreads, it will do good to your reputation.
If one sincerely follows these steps he is sure to succeed in his Web hosting business and the profit graph with rise up.

Why Data Centers fail to give Output

Some tips to Resolve Data Centers Failure

In today's world it seems that the fastest changing entity is the technology. It is improving every second with new norms and new standards. In this scenario it is pretty difficult to say that there is any data center that is just perfect and has no scope of improvement. Today there are several types of changes that one simply has to bring about in his or her data centers that will improve the performance and the output of your data centers. There are certain area which you can easily overlook and which in the long run will prove to be harmful for the development and the overall performance of your data center. Taking them into consideration and working on them will definitely be a good idea. Here I try to summarize these factors in following points:

Data Center Design:

Data center design bears a very close relation to its efficiency of working. There are set guidelines and norms that should be followed by every data center and the standards should be met. This ensures that the data center works at its maximum efficiency and its performance is not affected adversely due to some design fault. It is necessary to ensure that each and every components of the data center is up to the set mark. If you feel that your data center is not up to the mark and needs small or drastic improvements then it is good to go for a makeover. You can go for a redesign or you can go for a completely new design starting from scratch. You really need to strike a balance between what your requirements are and what your pocket can afford. Considering the same you can decide what you want to go for.

Scope of Expansion:

When you are designing a data center it is extremely essential that you keep in mind that in future your requirements are going to increase and you might need to expand. The resources with which you start your business will soon start looking scarce and then requirement of more floor area will be staring at you. Be ready for that moment. Keep scope for future expansion or else you might fall back in the race.

The security mechanism should be in place:

Every data center owner's worst nightmare is data loss due to compromised security. It can be easily avoided with all the wonderful security gadgets available today. With these systems and securities you can easily figure out how to provide robust security to servers, equipments and data. Some such methods that can be used are: ensure that your data center is built on the right spot, always have redundant facilities ready, have buffer zone around the site, have plenty of cameras, use high end technology equipments for ideying people like retina scans and card readers, pay attention to both entry point and exit points & make fire doors exit only. There should be no loop holes in the security system.

Inadequate server management:

Typically server management can be handled in two different ways. You can either go to the server physically and perform maintenance tasks or else it can be done from a distance that is remote maintenance. But in any case it should be done regularly.

Temperature matters:

There is specific range of temperature defined to be maintained at the data center . Proper care should be taken that the temperature does not go beyond these figure, neither high nor low. Cooling should be done properly and also there should be no windows which can be responsible for un necessary heating with sunshine.
If proper care is taken you can have optimum performance from your data center without any problems.

ServerMania Review

About Company

ServerMania was founded in 2002 and based at Ontario, Toronto and Canada. It has 4 data centers situated at Los Angeles, Chicago, Buffalo and Atlanta in North America. The company offers services at level of clients –enterprise at a reasonable price. It offers various completely customized VPS and dedicated hosting services. It offers 100 percent up-time SLA and 24 hrs. customer support to their customers.

Why Choose this Company

  • Company offers Surge Control panel which makes process of installation of server very easy and assist customer to easily manage their hosting services.
  • Services are offered at the best prices in industry which makes customers satisfied.
  • The infrastructure of company is quite flexible and designed in such a manner that it is easily compatible with all kinds of applications.
  • Customers are compensated by the company when an outage occurs. It is entitled by offering 100 percent up-time SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Whole team of ServerMania is very dedicated towards their customers or clients. Regular surveys are conducted by the company to determine the level of satisfaction of their customers and to take the necessary steps, if required.

Company Services

ServerMania offers various types of hosting services and solutions to their clients.
1. Dedicated Servers : Servers are formed in such manner that addons can be completely customized by their clients and having 1Gbps network port.
  • Single Processor Dedicated Server : It offers a wide range of customizable options at affordable prices. Smallest plan Intel Atom C2750 offers8 Cores x 2.4 GHz, 500 GB SATA, 16 GB RAM, 1 GbpsDDoS Protection, 1 Gbps Network Speed and 10 TB of Bandwidth. The starting price is $69per month.
  • Dual Processor Dedicated Server : It offers highly scalable solution by which flexibility is offered so that complete potential of your hosted applications can be unleash. Smallest plan Dual XEON E5-2620v2 offers storage space of 120 GB SSD at 249$ per month.
2. Virtual Private Servers : VPS offered user friendly solutions for hosting small websites or a private storage server. It comes with a disk in which RAID is configured and offers 100 Mbps network port speed. Various VPS plans are there in which smallest plan offers 1GB of RAM and its price starts at $10 per month.
3. Cloud Servers : Cloud Servers offers highly scalable solution with back up of data on automated basis, 16 GB of RAM and redundant power.
  • Linux Cloud Hosting : The smallest plan offers 1GB of RAM with 40 GB of SSD starts at $ 15per month.
  • Windows Cloud Hosting : Its plan starts at the price of $35 per month comes with 1GB of RAM with 40 GB of SSD.
4. Hosting Solutions : It offers latest hosting solutions with good customer support, 100% uptime SLA, 100% Network at an affordable price. It offers various kinds of hosting solutions such as Database Hosting, Ubuntu Hosting, Redmine Hosting, SSD Hosting, PostgreSQL Hosting, Python Hosting, FTP Hosting, Moodle Hostingand nGinx Hosting.

Customer Support

ServerMania has a good techno savy, trained professional staff who offers their support to all their clients for 24 hrs a day. They provide answers to your queries within 15 min or less than this and that’s guaranteed.

What’s New

As the use of smartphones, tablets is increasing day by day and people like to use internet more on their phones, rather than on desktops, laptops to access everything. So, considering this, ServerMania refreshes website of their clients in such manner that when their visitors or users access them on their phones, they found sites convenient and user friendly. It modifies layouts, fonts and menus which results in improving user experience in using web on the specific devices. Company is now using industry-standard best-practices so that they can offer good mobile experience to their clients.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them through following ways:
  • Corporate Address : 371 Front Street West, Suite #305, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 3S8
  • Toll Free No.: 1-888-237-6637, (USA) 716-745-4678, (CAN) 647-846-0310
  • Fax No.: 416-352-1834
  • E-Mail Address: For Billing inquiries :, For Pre-purchase inquiries :, For Technical Support : For any abuse complaint or like to contact to legal deptt. :

1&1 Review

Company Introduction

1&1 is popular web hosting provider in Europe by offering wide range of Web hosting products such as high-end servers and email solutions in ten different countries including Great Britain, Germany and The United States.
Company has introduced 1&1 cloud server with four new per-configured packages so users can select lower entry price for expeditious use. Through new cloud server packages available in four different sizes so customer has choice between sized M to XXL, ranging in terms of RAM, storage space, cores. 1&1 makes products more efficient, affordable and low entry price, package starts at £9.99/month +VAT. 1&1 cloud server offers enterprise functionalities such as SSD storage-arrays and storage area networks(SAN) by default for higher performance and reliability, KVM access via desktop , easy user administration with 1&1 cloud panel and API interface.

1&1 Cloud Server Advantage :

This new service has number of advantages like Flexible Firewall Rules, Unlimited Traffic, External Firewall for Security Settings, Load Balancer, Private Networks and Ips, 24*7 Technical Support at Zero Cost, User get profit from various back-up options, Interactive Invoicing, Monitoring Tool, Modifying package with More Storage Space, vCPU and RAM

Virtual Private Server :

1&1 Virtual servers provide Maximum performance including more resources, Optional SSD, Guaranteed vCores. This is a Simple System Administration and Feature-Rich server which helps in generates unlimited traffic with Automatic backups. User can enjoy benefit of Simple App Installation and Parallel Plesk 12 Application pool at low and affordable cost.

VPS has other Additional features such as:-

  • Security- Monitor Server via Web Browser or Mobile App
  • Customer Service- 24/7 Technical and Free Email Support
  • Configuration- Full Root Access and feature of Reset and Re installation

Dynamic Cloud Server :

1&1 cloud server offers secure and hosting services to wide range of business applications. It provides maximum flexibility and full cost control for users. Through cloud server user get Full Root Access with security and redundant storage and processing units which safeguards user's cloud server automatically against failure.
Additionally Cloud Server come with Backup solutions to secure data, FTP storage, Additional IP addresses, Configurable External Firewall and Latest Version of Parallels Plesk.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server from 1&1 offers speed and security to websites demand and support most complex applications with reliability. Get Unlimited Traffic with No Extra Cost, user has Choice of Operating Systems and Mobile Monitoring and High Performance. Making it good for those who have resources-intensive websites and gives Superior Level of performance.
1&1 On-line Store- Nowadays more and more businesses are integrating with e-commerce platforms as segment of business systems. With origin of Smart-phone and Internet, it is now painless than ever to consolidate workable solution that will work for many users. It includes benefit of On-line Marketplaces and Sites, helps in Making Products Visible on Price Comparison, user can get Easy Facebook Integration and News Letter Distribution and creates of New On-line Store.